Xuber – A catalyst for change across insurance

The insurance world is changing rapidly. Innovation is being driven by a mass of new available data, a new demographic of clients and staff alike, a changing and adapting industry where old rules don’t apply, a search for new markets and an increasing frustration with the cost & waste currently inherent in the supply chain.

All in a world that is becoming globally integrated where the insurance ‘cycle’ is disappearing – these pressures are driving companies to transform their operations.

In this world of change market participants are striving to become digitally empowered adaptive companies, within a marketplace demanding a frictionless, seamless supply chain.

As a result the ambition of Xuber is to act as a catalyst for change – by providing high value solutions across the entire value chain, covering brokers, carriers & (re)insurers. Solutions that address requirements of different scale and budget, and that are delivered both on premise and increasingly via the cloud.

Drawing on more than 40 years’ experience, Xuber sits at the heart of over 200 global insurance companies across 46 countries providing critical technology, all day, every day.

Our product investment will strive to ensure that each component within the family are functional class leaders, technologically advanced but most importantly connected seamlessly and digital / user friendly.

Welcome to the world of Xuber.

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Xuber provides comprehensive insurance software solutions for Insurers, Reinsurers, Brokers, MGAs & Healthcare providers that meet the needs of your business both today and tomorrow.


Xuber works with a number of partners to both enhance the strength and depth of our products as well as provide implementation and service support to organisations around the world.


Xuber provides highly experienced support professionals who ensure your insurance software system runs, responds and grows in line with your business objectives.

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