Corporate Social Responsibility


We aim to grow our business in a socially responsible way.
We are not in the business of making money at any price.
We believe that business must always have a moral and ethical context.
Corporate social responsibility (‘CSR’) is fundamental to the way we plan and run our business, and is closely aligned with our Values. We divide CSR into four categories: people, environment, communities and marketplace.


We recognise that changing the way people work requires investment and commitment at all levels in the organisation. To support this we have launched a programme of change across our business that is committed to delivering a series of projects that move us towards closer integration of our global business, creating value and growing our business and ensuring that Xchanging is a place that people want to work. These projects are involving our people at all levels in the organisation.


All of our business operations apply Xchanging’s environment policy in order to minimise the impact on the environment.
Xchanging’s most significant environmental impacts are:
Greenhouse gas emissions as a result of our energy use.
Greenhouse gas emissions from business travel.
The production of waste going to landfill.
The environmental impact from our suppliers.

Our carbon footprint:

We have published our carbon footprint each year since 2008. In 2011 Xchanging saw a reduction of approximately 7% or 1,515 tonnes in it carbon footprint relative to the previous year on a like-for-like basis (ie excluding the influence of discontinued operations and annual updates to emission factors).

Carbon Disclosure Project (‘CDP’)

Xchanging participates in the Carbon Disclosure Project and continues to review the most professional approach to corporate governance, in respect of climate change disclosure practices.


We support the communities in which we operate, with an approach aligned to our people value of creating value and being empowered to make a difference, and our Integrity Value of being dependable, responsible and committed to being open, transparent, honest and direct in all our activities.
This means that we look to create long-term sustainable relationships with our communities, and focus on projects linked to youth and education. For example, our partnership with Vinoba Vidyalaya, a school in Shimoga, India, has a direct and positive impact on the Shimoga community.
Each of our sites supports local charities, as well as national partners including Children in Need. In 2011, we donated our call centre facilities to the BBC and over 100 of our employees volunteered their time to take calls.
We are primarily focused on supporting youth and education and in 2011 we supported 24 charities worldwide.
Our volunteering programme has seen 1,563 hours donated by employees in activities based around our commitment to youth and education, the local community and the environment.
We believe that all of our employees have the skills and experience to make a real difference and that this is also an excellent opportunity for personal development.


We aim to achieve long-term sustainable relationships with all of our customers and suppliers. Our Values, the Ethical Code of Business Conduct and other relevant policies (which together form part of our compliance with the requirements of the UK Bribery Act 2010) support what we expect of our people and their interactions with our customers and suppliers. We aim to be honest, transparent and ethical in all our interactions.