What makes Xuber unique?

Global capability

We offer a breadth and depth of experience and functionality to meet your insurance software needs across the globe. We’re confident in our ability because we’ve been doing it for over 40 years, for 200 customers, across 46 countries. We have vast history and experience in delivering successful multi-national programs and our software effortlessly crosses both London market and international borders. Trust the experts.

We understand what you do

We have unrivalled expertise in the market and our capability and experience enable us to provide certainty of implementation. With an average of 12 years’ experience, significantly gained working for companies just like yours, our people have the domain knowledge to understand what you need from your software solution and how we can meet those needs. We work closely with our customers to capitalize on this experience and expertise in formulating the best solution for you.

Solutions that don’t constrain

The unique configurability and flexibility of our offerings give us the edge over rivals when it comes to improving business performance and enabling growth. Our solutions are functionally rich. They don’t just do all the standard things you’ve come to expect, but are constantly being developed to ensure we can cater to all those unusual needs, too. 

Longstanding customers across the globe

Our solutions have been helping you do what you do best for over 40 years. We have 200 customers from all over the world. From small start-ups to established global corporations, we have proven that we have a solution that will work for you. And we are committed to working with our customers. Our established user groups provide us the opportunity to hear what our customers think; giving them the chance to become involved in enhancement or development decisions covering both reactive and proactive change.

Be ready for the future

Our solutions are supported by our own significant and ongoing investment in technology and functionality. We have made a major investment – over £120m in developing the next generation of products. Our software development cycle is as leading edge as you can get. We constantly enhance our software to accommodate an evolving market, so our solutions will always be available to meet your changing needs. Furthermore, the scale and longevity of our business proves that you can have confidence in putting our solutions at the heart of your business with minimal risk.


Xchanging Technology

We are part of the Xchanging group, putting us at the center of the London Market. We are heavily involved in London Market groups and ensure our solutions support the latest initiatives. Being part of Xchanging also gives us the capability to be the only software house offering a traditional license model, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Business Processing as a Service for all customer types. We ultimately give you more choice and flexibility in your use of our software.