Solutions for Reinsurers

Our solutions for Reinsurers provide highly configurable and flexible capabilities across the full assumed reinsurance lifecycle from submission registration and quotes through to contract administration, claims management and retro cession calculations. They support all types of assumed treaty business including quota share, surplus, excess of loss and facultative treaties.

Powered by the Xuber Platform, Xuber for Reinsurers uses our four components - Xuber Contract, Xuber Claims, Xuber Billing and Xuber Retro Ceding - which can be deployed separately or as a combined and fully integrated end to end solution. Xuber for Reinsurers provides automatic reinsurance calculations and supports adjustable features such as profit commissions, no-claims bonuses and reinstatements. 

The assumed recovery calculation algorithms can be applied to retro cession calculations providing a complete solution. Xuber for Reinsurers allows insurance and assumed reinsurance lines of business to coexist in the same implementation simplifying reporting and the management of information.

All Xuber components share a common data model avoiding unnecessary rekeying and promoting a consistent standard in your data. Designed and built leveraging over 30 years of international insurance and reinsurance software experience these components evolve our solutions Genius, Iris and Elgar into a world class best of breed solution.

Xuber for Reinsurers is supported by our powerful ‘Design Studio’ configuration tool giving users the ability to define not only the business data to capture but the screen design and the underlying workflow supporting each contract type. 

Iris (International Reinsurance and Insurance System) is the leading solution for US, Lloyd’s, London and international reinsurance underwriters. Iris supports a wide range of reinsurance and insurance business including marine, non-marine and aviation, together with facultative and treaty reinsurance either on a proportional or excess of loss basis. Iris’ flexibility of screen design and rules based business processing ensures that the specific requirements of each class of business are addressed.

Elgar is an excess of loss recoveries and general credit control system, developed to help you efficiently administer all aspects of outward reinsurance programs, to speed recovery and significantly improve your cash flow. Designed to reflect the way you work, Elgar can be integrated with your existing applications or it can be implemented as a standalone solution.

Genius for Reinsurance has been specifically designed for the reinsurance community. It has been developed to provide end to end administration by incorporating specific reinsurance functionality throughout. It allows for situations where you write not only assumed but also direct business. The solution has been designed to allow efficient and effective data entry as well as processing specific to this very specialized market.