Xuber Health

Xuber Health provides an agile, enterprise-wide solution for end-to-end business processing, including Customer Relationships Management (CRM), global underwriting, accounts and claims for a wide range of health insurance product lines as well as supporting both group and individual health-related policies.

Xuber Health is an ‘out-of-the box’ solution for health insurers with extensive functionality. The solution is pre-configured and tailored for both domestic and international health insurance operations - processing insurance “end-to-end”.

  • Pre-configured with key health insurance functionality, but has flexibility to adapt to specific business requirements
  • Customer management, underwriting, claims, collections and disbursements and financial accounting
  • Comprehensive product builder allowing for the dynamic setup of plans and products, enabling end-users to launch new products without reliance on an IT team.
  • Web-based solution, architected for HTML5, with extensive focus on the User Experience. The solution is ‘role aware’ displaying relevant information according to permissions and authority.
  • Secure third party access for brokers and administrators, enabling them to validate data and carry out pre-defined, authorised, tasks.
  • Embedded workflow, linking productivity and channel communication tools, such as SharePoint and Thunderhead. Xuber Health increases productivity by removing non value add tasks, allowing work to be ported around an organisation whilst being carefully monitored. Operational analysis is possible across the whole business.

Xuber Health is built upon the OPEN Foundation, a Microsoft solution, providing tools to adapt workflows, screens, and business rules; all with the purpose of making the solution highly adaptable. OPEN Foundation contains embedded web services to provide an architecture to readily integrate with third party systems.

The engrained multi-language, multi-jurisdiction and multi-currency capabilities of the solution, provide a powerful competitive edge when applied to insurers looking to grow multi-national health operations. Ensuring effective support for the automatic consolidation of underwriting and financial transactions of multi-currency operations.

It’s user-friendly and quick because all customer documents are auto-generated from the system. Work queues are great because the allocation process means that nothing can fall between the cracks and we can be paperless. The single database allows us to see what’s happening with any customer no matter where they are in the world, so we have a seamless view of every customer throughout their entire lifecycle with us.”
Alison Higgins, Head of Customer Service, Asia Pacific, Now Health International

Xuber Health: the health insurance software solution for insurers with global ambitions.